• The Piggery at Maryfield Coachhouse

  • Rainbow and Ivory Natural Sandstone Paving by Bradstone

  • The work at Andurn was a mammoth undertaking, to see more follow this link

The Garden Design and Landscaping Service for Plymouth and Surrounding Areas since 1985.

The Home Of Professional Bespoke Landscaping since 1966 including work at the Chelsea Flower Show

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Here are a few examples of our work over the years

These Have all Started out as Visions, Dreams and Ideas,

It is our goal in life is to create environments

That can ease the stresses of this whirlwind which is life, letting the therapeutic benefits that a relaxing setting, can bring.
A garden also needs to be practical, sensibly planned, thereby making the maintenance of a garden less time consuming, enabling the few moments of respite from every day life enjoyable and something to look forward too.
We Spend Loads On Holidays, As Well Earned Breaks For A Few Days Or Weeks,
but most of our time is spent at home and work, so it makes sense to make your every day environment precious and enjoyable. Give us a call we can make it happen for you. The picture below was nicknamed Alhambra this was completed in 1988,
Recently called back to cary out further work on a new patio in front of the property.
It was designed as a folly to take on the appearance of a ruin somewhat restored, with different levels, and a place of romance and entertaining, a secret garden

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The above selection can be viewed on click

Above we have a few of our Perhaps a Little Unusual Ideas!

The Outdoor Fire place For a Property in Brixton and the Copper Rain Curtain for Louise B.

We are so fortunate to be able to create these interesting features from scratch.
Ideas that our customers run by us, if it’s doable you can bet we will do it. It's what adds interest to a project.

The letter depicted above in the slideshow is from an email from John Bower MBE.
Who was one of my early customers circa 1988/9 during the Mad Cow Outbreak.
John was President of the British Veterinary Association at the time.

The Work Described Here Was For His Property In Modbury,  
Where without causing major upheaval the only way to lay the paving around the house was to have the water draining towards the property, not something that you really want to do! However in some cases where it is unavoidable, using Aco Rain Drains adjacent to the property allows the surface water to drain away into the the existing downpipes run off  and into their respective soak-aways. Being rural and surrounded by trees, it is of the utmost importance to keep the drainage system clear, as failure to do so will result in possible flooding of the property.
The maintenance as John described is simply a matter
of removing the grid covers and clearing the silt collection etc. A build up of which is completely unavoidable In this setting.

Builders, Planners And Architects Take Note

( It’s Only Common Sense)
But we come across it so frequently, where the lie of the ground is ignored and the finished property  is  in a dip/hollow and surface water has no run off other than via drains.
As I said earlier not the ideal solution as drains can get blocked.

It only takes a couple of extra courses of block work  to solve this shoddy approach to building, and we all know that the shell of the building is the cheapest part of new builds.
there I have had my rant...... PLEASE TAKE NOTE

The above example

Of a complete garden restructure is what we do, here the bare bones are in need of structured planting, which is another aspect of our work, but here the client wants to put their own personal touch, and utilising existing shrubs.

Below are some of our 3 dimensional designs and  the finished results of a recent project