The slide shows the design in 3D

As it was before and the finished bone structure, of what was a complete transformation.

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  • 3D design of the garden
  • The Chosen 3D Design of the garden
  • The steps in wrought iron to the top patio
  • The old garden as was very steep to the bottom right hand corner
  • The garden as it was looking towards the house
  • The old patio area
  • Steps up from the potting shed
  • The lower pathway at Wain Park
  • Nearly finished at Wain Park and the site is starting to look much larger with this structured approach.
  • Finally coming together  with all areas linked for easy access and maintenance
  • Steps up from the potting shed
  • Looking down to where the potting shed used to be
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On starting we soon discovered

that the mini excavator could not get around the acute angle at the front side of the house and needed to be craned in. With so much work to be done, with level changes etc., the excavator was essential.

As the levels changed
we had to re-route and replace a soak-away for the surface water, as well as lower two Main Drains that serviced the area previously buried.
Thankfully the excavated soil was good, and stayed on site to adjust the levels and fill up the raised beds.

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