• The 3D Garden design for ortway Close Elburton

Here are some examples of 3D design

The slide show here are of before and after shots, and the design as it develops.The top and lower Banner shows the design in 3D. 

The brief was for a less work intensive garden, with space for entertaining family and friends, and for Sandy's morning coffee, to relax and view the garden, in a private and tranquil setting.

Above and below the changing garden in Portway Close Elburton

This Next Design was Arrived at

Via Some Pin Interest pictures showing the style of Garden/ courtyard Louise wanted, It certainly has the wow factor which will develop more as the copper takes on the amazing ‘Verdigris Patina.

Ker Street design with Hammock and Copper Clad Rain Curtain

Here Copper, Porcelain, and Ipe

Are brought together in a modern contemporary style. With a Rain Curtain Clad in Copper, which also doubles as a support post  for a Hammock for those well earned periods of rest.

Ipe is an extremely robust and dense hardwood, that like teak will handle anything the weather can throw at it.

The Finished Courtyard in Ker St. Plymouth

The Use of Ipe (Iron Wood) for the decking, doors and bench seating, with Porcelain Paving tiles and a bespoke Pizza Oven, complete this contemporary setting.

The Project below was completed late Summer 2019 and is in Longmans Drive Heybrook Bay

Here is another complete transformation

Millboard facia in vintage oak was used to clad the block work. The rocks were from a rockery at the front and some discovered as we were digging out the back.

As always we never throw stone away, even if it can't be used on this job, it always comes in very handy as nateral walling stone is so expensive to buy.

Above in this slide over is the before design and the completed  flood defence system, an application that the South Hams team took so long to approve. 

Typical Procrastination  not caring that the applicant is put though total anxiety of being flooded or wasting so much taxpayer's money, time and energy. Every time there was a torrential downpour, a very common occurance nowadwys, Pam was out side getting soaked trying to slow the vehicles down as the fly past.

What do middle management do? Walk around with clipboards feeling very important and hindering the work load.! That was my experience for a few years. To important to get their hands dirty. There is alas just a few exceptions, those with a Concience.

Get Rid Of The Middle Management, And Everything Will Run Better, And The Taxpayers Money Will Be Able To Get The Appaling Third World Roads That We Have To Put Up With FIXED

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