A Background of our History

Derna Landscapes are Specialists in all of the following disciplines. 

  1. Garden Design
  2.  Restoration work
  3.  Stone Work 
  4. Decking 
  5. Fencing 
  6. Paving 
  7. Terracing
  8. Roof gardens
  9. Turfing 
  10. Pond construction
  11. Rockeries
  12. Planting
  13. Drainage systems
  14. Driveways 
  15. Retaining walls

Graham Smith founded Derna Landscapes in April 1985

With the Sole Purpose  to concentrate on  Hard and Soft Landscaping, Design and Construction.

From the outset, Derna Landscapes 

Have earned themselves a reputation as a reputable, and reliable company with an eye for creating stunning gardens, patios, and driveways.

To the Company and Team

Their customers are most important, no matter what size the project is, all are treated with the same care and respect, furthermore, when a new job is started it will always be finished before moving on to the next project,*
This means that every working day the team will be on site, getting the job done, this has always been our policy, arrived at by seeing the results and hearing from many sources, the unnecessary stress caused by long delays in getting the job done.

The founder Graham Smith

Started out on a career in landscaping in the mid 60’s apprenticed to a small  firm in Acton London UK who traded under his name PH Tennant DipHort. Landscape Design and Construction.

Paul Tennant employed a full time Stonemason and Plantsman/Horticulturist. Graham soon became proficient in all aspects of the landscaping industry, as he spent equal amounts of time between the two oftentimes together on some projects including the prestigious Chelsea Flower Show.

Paul Tennant worked on many upmarket projects where under the scrutiny of Craftsmen,  Grahams skills were honed and forged together with his natural artistic ability.
With an Engineering mind and understanding how things work and why.

Graham has enhanced his life and the lives of those he has carried out work for, always working on the principal that whatever task undertaken do it with all your might, not accepting the easy get out clause you here on many lips that will do when it clearly won't.

Another aspect of Graham's Approach is No Problems! Only Solutions.

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Derna Landscapes
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