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Here area few of the projectsnthat we have completed over the years, that showcase the varied aspects of garden landscape design and construction, and is all we focus on.

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The Andurn Down Thomas Project Wembury

This Garden is now being opened up

This Garden is now being opened up to provide sensible, practical, and usable space to enjoy the panoramic views offered by this stunning location. The remodel of this Garden Started with the garden design as per the cover picture.

Maryfield Coachhouse Anthony Torpoint

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Our Clients Harvey and Pat 

Have been a joy to work for, and with. Bouncing ideas around, Harvey likes to be practically creative like me, so one is in ones element creating characterful settings using quality reclaimed materials most of which were already on site.

The Southland Park Road Project Wembury

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A mature Olive tree features

As a focal point

Along with Glacial Boulders and varying sizes of Pebbles. The movement of the  grasses help to soften and add to the ambience of this Nautical Setting,

Granite Purbeck and Cobbles

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Here the use of Natural Stone

Works very well in creating a pleasing entrance to this property and garden, softened by the fragrant lavender draping and tumbling over the granite

Ker Street Plymouth

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This Project Was A Joy To Do

For a very fine and widely travelled Lady. A Lady that new exactly what she wanted.
Challenges like this makes one draw on one's artistic skills and then some

A Courtyard in Millbridge Plymouth

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This Courtyard Was Old and

Dated and In Desperate Need of a rethink The decking was rotting away, and underneath was an ad hoc  drainage system that needed sorting out.

Millboard Decking and Cladding Longlands Drive Heybrook Bay

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Here we have  a 3D design

For the front and the back, with a brief of something rustic and an outline of what  Morley wanted, which kept changing as the work progressed,

Wain Park Plympton, Plymouth, Devon, Designed in 3D

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Wain Park from start to finish

The slide shows the design in 3D as it was before and the finished bone structure, of what was a complete transformation.

Driveways Ancient and Modern including the Doomsday cobbles

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Here are a few of the driveways

That we have installed over the years.
Things haven’t really changed that much since Roman Britain,

Outdoor Fireplace, Brixton, Near Plymouth

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I received a phone call, from Tim

Apparently I had been Reccomended by Martyn Oates,
Tim had seen an outside Fireplace in France, and asked me if could I build one, I replied of course,

3D Design Portway Close Elburton Plymouth

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This garden needed some structure

To make the most space from a small garden
The brief: to create an easily managed space for entertaining family and friends, with a wow factor.

Great for Entertaining and Skateboarding

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The grey granite used here

Was sourced from Lantoom quarry,  and works well.
The raised beds are clad in the same granite, which brings a clean contemporary feel to this

A 3D Design to start withAlfresco Dining Laburnham Drive Wembury

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This job came from a recommend

As does most of one's work

Terry and Lyn were a great couple to work for as are all of my clients well nearly all they have to be to put up with me,

Some of Grahams portaits seascapes an landscapes in Oils

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Some of Grahams portaits seascapes and landscapes in Oils

And being self taught I knew how hard it is to earn a living from it so I arrived at the landscaping scene and loved it, being outside and helping to create things of beauty. One still likes to paint, when I get the time, so here are some of them, good bad and ugly

A scrapbook of various other projects over the years

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A scrapbook of various other projects over the years

Here we have a medley of work carried out over the yearsI please browse at you leisure,
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